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Q: Does it cost anything to use this service?

A: NO, the service is paid via subscriptions from law enforcement agencies. Tell your local law enforcement to subscribe to TIP Watch!


Q: Is my information I submit private?

A: Yes, we keep all information confidential (*unless you state otherwise). Your privacy is our number one concern. We will not release any data without a warrant or your permission.


Q: If our local LE agency is not a subscriber, can I still submit a tip?

A: Yes, We will submit tips to your statewide LE agency if your city/county agency are not subscribers.


Q: We are a local law enforcement agency, how do we subscribe to your valuable service?

A: Please click on HERE to take you to our sign up page.


Q: Can I send pictures with my tip?

A: Yes, you can send up to 2 pictures (there is 2 upload field) at 200MB max size. The pictures will be sent with your tip to LE.